Volunteer Spotlight: Madison

By Lena Arnold

Finding people to support an organization can be a daunting task, but when you have people like Madison Simmons it makes it all worthwhile. Over the summer Madison, a junior at Miami University worked with OIAH on a variety of projects in support of our mission, including the OIAH Trail Run.

As a Public Health and Interactive Media Studies major, Madison chose OIAH for her internship not just because of the friendly staff – who Madison admits she will miss – but also because the OIAH leadership gave her the space to exercise creativity in both media planning and fundraising.

“OIAH has been a really good place to intern,” stated Madison. “I feel like the leadership gave me concrete goals, but that they also allowed me freedom to try new things. I am really going to miss working here.  I love the people, and I am passionate about the mission. ”

Madison is truly an example of a volunteer who makes a difference. Her ingenuity and resourcefulness will be missed.  We truly wish Madison all best as she returns to school to continue her education.  Thank you, Madison!

Holistic Health Corner: Healthy Study Habits

By Christina Mendez-Griffin

The Quarter is about to begin! This term, make a promise to yourself—You want to improve your study habits, don’t you? You can land straight A’s in all your classes. Here’s some tips to help you keep that resolution!

  1. Track Yourself – As each week begins, sit down and look ahead at your week. Figure out what’s going to be a good schedule for you as student and in your personal life. Make sure you are blocking off appropriate time to study, eat, and breaks, (so you don’t burn-out). Be realistic with yourself, as it is the only way planning a schedule will work. Once you have a schedule put it in a planner. You will have access to it easily should you need to make a change or make reference to it.
  2. Plan your meals – Being in any allied health program is tough and huge commitment – don’t forget to take care of yourself! Plan your meals ahead of time, then you’ll have no excuse to skip a meal. Meal Prep is proven to help individuals make healthier choices and cut down their monthly food bill.
  3. Make study goals – Along with staying organized, make some realistic study goals to ensure you are being productive and effective. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help formulate A+ study goals:
  • What should I do with my allotted study time?
  • Are their projects that I can work on that are due soon?
  • What information am I expected to know for next class?
  • How can I prepare for the next exam?

Remove all distractions. Turn the TV off and only check your phone once an hour. Remind yourself “why” you’re in school in the first place! Hopefully these tips will set you up for success and to fight procrastination.

Remember, graduation is the goal!!

OIAH Partners with Premier Health

By OIAH Staff

In effort to further our goal of giving our students the best allied health education, the Ohio Institute of Allied Health is proud to announce our newest partnership with Premier Health! Medical Assisting and Patient Care Technician students clinical sites now include Premier Health facilities. A Premier representative felt out program was a wonderful fit and meets the needs of their network.

Medical Assisting
For the Medical Assisting Program, students are required to complete 180 hours in their externship. Students can do up to 18 hours a week at a variety of sites. Premier even allowed OIAH students to request particular departments! The Lead Medical Assisting instructor, Tracy Miller, was able to place all 9 students, our biggest class yet!

Patient Care Technician
Premier will host the Patient Care Technician Program in the Premier’s Simulation Laboratory. Angie Hoyng , BSN, OIAH’s STNA, PCT and MA Program Coordinator, will accompany her student for a half day in the simulation labs to practice advanced patient care techniques.

During clinicals, student get hands on experience and exposure to what a day on the job is really like!

OIAH is proud to be able to provide student with such high quality externships. It furthers the college’s agenda to produce knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professionals. As OIAH grows, our fabulous faculty and alumni are becoming an integral part continue help serve our community with quality care for those in need.

*For more information on how you can partake in this opportunity please contact Admission to schedule an Appointment.

Holistic Health Corner: How to save during the Holiday seasons

By Christina Mendez

The Holidays are approaching and while it can be a joyous time of celebration, it can also be a very stressful time financially. Here are some tips on how to save during the holiday season, even as a college student.

  1. Make a Budget- Know exactly what is going in and out at ALL times.
  2. Utilize Your Student Status-Take advantage of student discounts on-line, at the movies, wherever!
  3. Separate “Wants” from “Needs”- Know the differences between the two, to make sure all your needs are being met first.
    Try this exercise:
    $60 a week for food, is that a “want” or a “need”? (A: NEED)
    $50 for mani/pedi, is that a “want” or a “need”. (A: WANT)
  4. Creative Gift Giving- Bake cookies for your relatives and friends. Make gift certificates for date night for a significant other or movie night for a friend!
  5. Empty Out Your Pockets-Any loose change that comes out of your purse, car, or pockets, put it in a jar and save for a rainy day!

Happy Savings! Happy Holidays!

Holistic Health Corner: Holistic 5k Training Tips

By Christina Mendez-Griffin

When thinking about a holistic approach to running, you must think about your entire lifestyle. The core of holistic health relies on being connected through the mind, body, and spirit. Here are some tips on how to approach training for the OIAH 5k or even a marathon in a holistic way:

Rest Up
In order to perform at your best, you need to be well rested! It is recommended that you get about 8 hours of sleep every night. An easy way to achieve this sleep goal is by sticking to a realistic sleep schedule consistently.

Practice Runs
Practice by going on two shorter runs the week before. Running shorter distance multiple times throughout the week will condition your body to these types of workouts. Additionally, when it is time for you to run longer distances, your body will be ready for the physical activity. The practice runs will make it easier to complete the 5k.

Fuel Your Body
Eating healthy snacks will help improve your energy level. It is always great to focus on clean eating. Try these healthy and quick snacks:

* Carrots
* Bananas
* String cheese
* Rice cakes w/peanut butter
* Oatmeal
* Tuna fish

Just remember treating your body right allows you to be the best version of you!

Student Services: Services for Student Success

By Bryan Edwards

Success! Isn’t that why you are here? We want you be successful in school and in your career. While you are striving for success, we are here to assist:

Tutoring – Should you find yourself in a really tough class and need some extra assistance, stop by our career service office, where we offer free tutoring to make sure you stay on the path to academic success. Do you have a friend that would like to attend OIAH but is worried about entrance testing? We also offer prospective students free tutoring sessions to help them pass the medical assisting, massage therapy and nursing entrance exams.

Career Placement – Even before graduation, the job hunt begins! If you find yourself overwhelmed, stop into the career placement office. We can assist you in finding an employer that is the right fit for you!

Helpful Study Tips:

Female student studying1. Place & Time – Designate a quiet study space and study at the same time everyday so that it becomes a habit.

2. Learn Your Method – Discover what is your learning style; are you a visual, auditory, or tactical leaner? Knowing how you learn will help you strategize how to study.

3. Utilize Technology – Did you know there are hundreds of apps you can download to your phone or tablet to help you study? Talk with your peers or even instructor. Ask them what apps work best for them!

For more information on Student Services contact:

Mr. Edwards at (937)237-1010

Holistic Health Corner: Quick Anxiety Fixes

By Christina Mendez-Griffin

Anxiety is something that anyone can succumb to during their life. In fact, in America, anxiety disorders are among one of the most common disorders people battle. Here at OIAH, we are committed to a holistic and healthy lifestyle, so we have compiled a few holistic alternatives to combat every day anxiety:


1. Exercise – Exercise is an easy way to combat anxiety. Fitness experts recommend spending at least 30 min working out minimum to get you heart rate up. Working out on a regular basis promotes higher self-esteem and also helps you feel healthier.


Lavender 2. Lavender – This herb is widely known to be used for its relaxing and calming properties. It can be used in the form of oil, lotion or even a candle. But many studies have proven when a person smell lavender within 5 min, stress levels are reduced.



3. Meditation – Mediation is derived from a Buddhist practice but has now evolved into a mainstream method of reducing anxiety. The act of practicing mindful awareness allows you to experience the true.


Try any one of these methods the next time you’re feeling anxious and you’ll be amazed how effective they can be!

More Financial Aid Resources for Students

By Patty Hatem

There has been an exciting new development in the financial aid department; we now have an additional resource available for funding for our enrolled or accepted students. Students are now eligible to receive Sally Mae loans if they qualify! Sally Mae ,established in 1972 ,has helped fund 30 million student accounts. The application process is very simple, just visit salliemae.com to apply. One of the benefits about Sallie Mae services is a student can be attending school part-time or full-time to apply. Also, this student loan service can be used to supplement your existing financial aid package and may even cover living expenses. (*some stipulations apply)

For more information please see: The Financial Aid Office at OIAH (937-237-1010 Ext 249).

Holistic Health Corner: Gray Day Depression

By Alia Osseiran, MPH

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) starts every fall for some people and continues through the winter. The decreased light can disrupt the body’s natural clock. An upset circadian rhythm can leave one feeling depressed. Serotonin and melatonin levels may also decrease with the season. Both of these neurotransmitters affect mood. Their absence gives rise to or creates depression. SAD can cause irritability, tiredness or low energy as well as oversleeping. Sometimes people have trouble getting along with others or are more emotionally sensitive.

There are ways to resist. Start your day with a positive personal mantra. Write down a few positive thoughts and leave them by your laptop or your vanity and repeat aloud daily. Try these other holistic remedies:

Vitamin B12

Light Therapy

Stress Reduction


*If you think you have SAD, no longer are enjoying your favorite activities, or are feeling hopeless, it’s time to talk to your doctor. If you have thoughts of suicide, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call     1-800-273-8255.